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Booking Fantasy Fest 2018 Appointments

Fantasy Fest is the biggest event of the year. Taking place around the last 10 days of October. This year's event is from 19th to 28th, with the finale, Saturday, October, 27th. The last day of the event falls on Sunday Oct. 28th but all the parties are over after Saturday night. A lot of first timer's to Fantasy Fest think Saturday is the biggest and best day for getting body painting, it's not. Saturday is more about the parade. During this 9 day event you will see people in the thousands painted and dressed up.

This event is an extremely busy time for Tioti and his staff.  If you are interested in getting body painted any of the days during Fantasy Fest you must make an appointment online in advance via e-mail, not by phone.  Space is limited during this event. 

To book an appointment email the following:

1) The date you want your appointment set.

2) A description of the art design, (a photo is best) and how much of your body you would like this design painted on.

3) A photo of the person being painted. Nude shots (although not required) helps Tioti decide whether your desired design will work with your body type. 

4) ***Please use the same e-mail and the same thread through the booking procedure. This is very important!!.. we get thousands of emails, etc. 

Contact us at if you do not have Outlook setup, copy the e-mail address and paste to your e-mail account. All information you provide in your E-mail (i.e. styles, designs, photos, examples, ideas, dates, etc.) helps.

Tioti is the most requested Body Painter in the world and I'm busy reading and responding to hundreds of appointment request emails daily. Please follow the few steps above when emailing.  Also, Tioti is very picky about what he will and will not do during Fantasy Fest. To better your chances of getting an appointment with him, go through his body painting galleries to get an idea of his style. You can right click the photo of your choice and cut and paste the photo with your e-mail.

Thank you, Liz

During Fantasy Fest, we extend our hours of operation.

Studio hours during Fantasy Fest is from 2PM to 2AM